Tips For Choosing “Travel Agent” For Holiday

www.tonisonline.com – “The package price is cheap so I buy. But the hotel is really bad. Its free breakfast and its tour bus only. Yes, it’s just a lie. Mending chooses the expensive all, “said Chris, a private employee returning from a vacation to Indonesia.

Though the tour package that he bought through a travel agent or travel agency is quite famous. “The office is good, I think the tour is good too. There is a cheap package I take, “said Chris.

It’s annoying that when the holiday should be fun it ends up being an uncomfortable experience, just like Chris experienced. He was mistaken in choosing a travel agent.

Not too surprising because the travel agent is currently scattered everywhere. Starting from large companies with national and international networks to private travel agencies with online sites and social media.

Staying back to consumers who must be smart to sort out which travel agents are good and which are not. When choosing random, cheap origin, for example, might even be deceived. Here are some things to consider when choosing a travel agent for the holidays.

-Secure. There are stories of experiences of some tourists left behind in the middle of the road by bus drivers booked through travel agents. Do not let this happen to you. Not only the loss of money but can endanger the safety of the soul.

Make sure the travel agent to be chosen is not a cheater. Do not get after pay. the person also disappeared. The easiest way is through the recommendation of friends or colleagues who can be trusted. When you are abroad or out of town, can ask for recommendations from hotel staff.

Research as a consumer. It could be a mistake not on the travel agent but on the consumer who is not careful. Carefully review every service and item purchased through a travel agent. Especially what services are obtained and not obtained.

For example when buying a plane ticket make sure if you want to change or cancel how the replacement. If you buy a tour package, do not forget to ask for details of any schedules and expenses that are not available. Do not be lazy to confirm the hotel already booked. Because do not let the hotel had not received an order when we come.

Choose a travel agent as per specialization. This specialization is not formally but in fact, every travel agent has specialization based on destination and service. Usually, this specialization is region-based. The travel agents have stronger experience and network of relationships in their respective areas.

The most important thing is to be careful in transacting. Do not let the mistake of choosing a travel agent to be a nightmare. Make the holiday a fun experience.

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